The After-School Enrichment Program at Sherwood Forest Elementary is conducted entirely by PTA volunteers. These programs would not exist without the PTA. Please remember to support these programs by purchasing your PTA Membership and Volunteering your time.


The following information outlines the policies for Sherwood Forest's Enrichment Program. Please read through the policies carefully before registering your child for an enrichment class. By registering your child and paying for the class, you are agreeing to all of the policies outlined herein as well as agreeing to the following release from liability: I agree to hold harmless Sherwood Forest Elementary and Sherwood Forest PTA.



Registrations are online or via paper submission to the PTA mailbox. Registration for all classes are on a first-come, first-served basis and payment must be received to secure your child's space in the class.



Full and Partial Scholarships are available to families who submit a Scholarship request. There is a limit of one scholarship, per family per year. Please note that scholarships are funded through the proceeds of the PTA Enrichment Program itself, i.e. from all of our families. The goal is to be all-inclusive but also self-sustaining. Please carefully consider the needs of your family when deciding whether to request a scholarship. Scholarship requests will be kept confidential. If the demand for scholarships is too great, the PTA will need to limit the number of scholarships awarded.



  • Parents must pick up children immediately following the end of each class in the designated classroom of the child's activity. You must come into school and sign-out your child.
  • Children will be released only to authorized guardians. If another adult is responsible for picking up your child, please note this on the signup. If it becomes necessary for an adult not on the form to pick up your child, please send a note with your child to give to the class instructor. Children will be permitted to walk or ride their bikes home, but only if it is specified on the signup.
  • Please respect the commitments of our instructors and chaperones and arrive promptly for pick-up. Late pickups are subject to registration cancellation without refund.



  • All students will be held to the same “classroom” behavior standards that apply during the school day.
  • It is our hope that any behavior issues can easily be resolved by parents working in cooperation with instructors.
  • In the event that a behavior issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the parent/guardian may be required to withdraw their student from an after school enrichment class, without refund.



  • Chaperones need to be present in the class at all times.
  • If a student misbehaves, it is the responsibility of the chaperone to redirect the student. If the behavior continues, the chaperone can ask the student to sit out of the activity until the student can participate correctly.
  • Check students out according to after class notes, and escort students going to Extended Day to the Commons.



If the Sherwood Forest PTA needs to cancel a class for any reason, you will be issued a full refund.

If you should need to cancel your child's registration, the amount that you will be refunded will depend on when you notify one of the Sherwood Forest Enrichment Chairs. Cancellations received:

  • One week or more prior to class start date will receive a full refund, less the Paypal fees
  • Within one week of, or after class start date are at the discretion of the PTA board and/or vendor.
  • There are no refunds for missed classes. Classes missed due to snow days and other school cancellations will be made up if possible.

 Last Update 9/10/2017