Sherwood Forest PTA's After School Enrichment committee arranges three sessions of after school classes for Fall, Winter and Spring. The classes vary each session and may include Art, Chess, Math, Sports, Coding, and Engineering. These sessions seek to offer fun and supportive after school enrichment opportunities for kids who may want to try something new or pursue extracurricular interests with school friends. For parents, these classes can expand opportunities for kids in a convenient location and build community.
If you have a suggestion of an activity you would like to bring to Sherwood Forest Elementary, questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to reach out to volunteer@sherwoodforestelementary.org. You are also welcome to research your idea and bring the important details to our next PTA meeting.

Volunteering may be required to enroll in our after-school programs. PTA-run after-school classes cannot happen without you! Every child who is enrolled in an after-school class may be required to provide an adult volunteer to chaperone one or more days of the class. Help the PTA and benefit with reduced or free tuition for your child! Discounts will be offered to one child in each of the classes below if their parent/guardian can attend every class. This benefit is extended on a first-come, first-served basis. If we do not have a volunteer for each class, we CANNOT RUN THE CLASS.



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Chess Club (1st - 5th Grade): Tuesdays 2:35–3:20 pm, Art Room (Up to 20 students) $75

April 3rd - May 29th (8 sessions)

Chess skills are taught for beginners through experienced players by an enthusiastic group of student volunteers from Interlake High School and PTA volunteers. Students receive a lot of individual attention and instruction as well as peer-to-peer play in this 45 minute class

Minecraft Coding (K - 2nd Grade): Wednesdays 12:15–1:15pm, Library (Up to 20 Students) $100

April 4th – May 30th (8 sessions)

Sherwood Forest IT specialist Jessica Brown will lead a group of students using the Minecraft Education Edition. Students will work together in-game to solves problem, share worlds and engage in other creative efforts, all within a virtual community space that encourages interaction and the development of social skills.





Full and Partial Scholarships are available to families who submit a Scholarship request. There is a limit of one scholarship, per family per year. Please note that scholarships are funded through the proceeds of the PTA Enrichment Program itself, i.e. from all of our families. The goal is to be all-inclusive but also self sustaining. Please carefully consider the needs of your family when deciding whether to request a scholarship. Scholarship requests will be kept confidential. If the demand for scholarships is too great, the PTA will need to limit the number of scholarships awarded. To apply, please fill out a scholarship application and return it to the PTA mailbox near the Front Office. For questions, please contact: ptasherwoodforest@gmail.com