Here, you'll find this year's elected officers and board members. Want to get involved?
We'd love to have you!  It's easy to join the Sherwood Forest PTA.  

2018-19 Executive Committee    Name
 President Darren Long
 Vice-President Peter Ryu
 Treasurer Jimena Luna
 Secretary Erin Ellis
         Board of Directors    Name
 Membership Chair Kathy Wall
 Fundraising Chair OPEN 2018
 School Liasion Mariano Lizano 
 Communications Chair Stacy Thornsberry
 Volunteer Coordinator OPEN 2018-19
 Advocacy Chair OPEN 2018
 Reflections Chair OPEN 2018
 Dual Language Parent Representative Zory Quinde-Axtell
 Bellevue Schools Foundation Representative Nicole Van der Bogert
 Special Needs Parent Representative OPEN 2018
 Enrichment Program Chair OPEN 2018
For other committees at Sherwood Forest see the list here and get involved today!
How do PTA meetings work?
PTA Board meetings are business meetings where the officers and board members conduct official business. All PTA Members are welcome to attend, but only Board members may vote.
When:  First Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.
Where:  Varies

PTA General meetings include updates from the PTA as well as business that the entire PTA must vote on, such as electing officers or approving the general budget.
All are welcome and encouraged to attend, but only PTA members may vote.
When:  Three to four times per year, starting in the Fall at 6 p.m.
Where:  Sherwood Forest Common Area
Executive Board Description
 President Guides and directs the PTA toward specific goals chosen by the members.
 Vice-President Assists the President to guide and direct the PTA toward specific goals chosen by the members.
 Treasurer Authorized custodian of all funds of the local PTA. Keeps all records and prepares all financial reports. 
 Secretary Keeps and distributes all meeting records of the PTA 
Board of Directors        Description
 Membership Chair Creates and implements a membership plan, promotes membership throughout the year, collects dues, and distributes membership cards (via email).
Fundraising Chair Oversee fundraising for the PTA through large and small fundraisers.
School Liaison Acts as liaison between school staff and SF PTA
Communications Chair Handle communication between PTA and parents such as website, flyers and email updates.
Volunteer Coordinator Oversee volunteer recruitment, coordination and training.
Advocacy Chair Provide information about PTA positions on current legislation and issues
Reflections Chair Coordinate the Reflections (Arts) Program
Dual Language Parent Representative Coordinate Dual Language events and acts as liaison between DL parents and SF PTA
Bellevue Schools Foundation Representative Liaison between BSF and SF PTA
Special Needs Parent Representative Coordinate Special Needs events and acts as liaison between Special Needs PTA and SF PTA
Enrichment Program Chair Organize and enhance the After School Enrichment program at Sherwood Forest
Last Update 7/2/2018