On February 13, 2018, The Bellevue School District will be asking our community to renew three levies. Please vote YES on the levies and encourage your neighbors to do so!! These levies support the education of our 20,000+ students. The levies are renewals and support current programs so they should not increase our tax assessments by the District. The money raised in the levies is what sets BSD apart from other districts in the state. For more information and FAQ, visit Bellevue Quality Schools at

Education and Operations Levy 
This levy funds programs our students and community expect every day including: 7th period classes and after-school assistance/tutorial for all middle and high school students; band, orchestra, music and art for all elementary students; world languages offered at every middle school; special education and gifted programs; and staff supporting students in every building including nurses, specialists, security personnel. This levy will be collected over 4 years, beginning in 2019.

Capital and Technology Levy 
This levy funds large scale capital improvements such as new carpet for older building, heating/ventilation upgrades, multi-season fields for student and community use, etc. It also funds all technology for the district including laptops for middle and high school students, an integrated digital curriculum and collaborative STEM learning for every student, shared laptops in all elementary schools, and technology support staff. This levy will be collected over 4 years, beginning in 2019.

School Bus Levy 
This levy allows the district to buy additional buses. The district needs to replace the oldest buses and buy additional ones to support student growth. The last bus levy was in 1998. This levy will only be collected in 2019.