We invite all students (and teachers too) to participate in an egg drop on May 24th during our lunch recesses.  (K-1st Grade during 1st lunch recess; 2nd – 3rd Grade during 2nd lunch recess; 4th – 5th Grade during 3rd lunch recess)

Our egg drop provides an opportunity to learn about energy, motion and design while having fun watching eggs splatter. 


Participants build an egg holder that will protect a large raw, uncooked egg that will be dropped from a City of Bellevue’s Aerial Lift Truck (Manlift) onto the blacktop at the south side of the school.


  • Container must hold a large egg.
  • 10-Inch maximum package in all directions.
  • No wings or parachutes.
  • No Styrofoam or Glass.
  • No flammable substances.
  • No pre-made plastic bubble wrap, foam or other store bought packing material.
  • No splatterables such as peanut butter, Jell-O, liquids, fruit or vegetables.
  • Container must be constructed with a door so that the egg can be inserted before the drop.  
  • Only parent volunteers will get to drop the container.


All entries will be accepted up until the morning of the drops.

Bring your unsealed, eggless device to school with your name and teacher’s name, to the Parent Room located near the main entry doors.  Parent volunteers will place an egg in each drop container prior to the drops.

The PTA reserves the right to refuse gratuitously messy, obvious splatters, or potentially dangerous entries. Please keep fruit and produce (or anything designed to splatter instead of protecting your egg) at home for the safety of others and in consideration of the clean-up staff.

We look forward to seeing all of the entries!